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WE Sell AOR Receivers and Accessories
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AR-Alpha - Call For Price
The AOR AR-Alpha is a new professional grade communications receiver which may be 19-inch rack mounted or used as a desk-top receiver.
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AR-ONE $5999.00
Monitor Any Frequency from 10 KHz to 3.3 GHz. Ultra-stable reference frequency oscillator (0.1ppm) Surveillance operations are enhanced. Monitoring multiple frequencies is easier and faster. Computer control gives you maximum flexibility and unleashes the many features found in this advanced technology receiver. The AR-ONE is the right choice for the new world we now monitor.
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SR2000 $ 2200.00
AOR puts the power of FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) algorithms to work in tandem with a powerful receiver covering 25 MHz ~ 3 GHz continuous. The result is a compact color spectrum display monitor thatís ultra-sensitive, incredibly fast, yet easy to use. The SR2000 is perfect for base, mobile or field use and can also be used in combination with a personal computer.
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AR5001D - $5100.00
The next generation of one of AOR's most legendary communications receivers has arrived. The new AR5001D features the popular analog signal meter along with a large easy-to-read digital spectrum display
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AR8600MKIIU $1180.00
From monitoring aircraft to public safety, broadcast, shortwave and beyond, the AR 8600MKIIB sets new standards in performance. It's no wonder that many monitoring professionals, including government, newsrooms, laboratories, military users and more rely upon AOR
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AR2300 - Call For Price
The AR2300, a new "Black Box" professional grade receiver with exceptional performance, state of the art specifications and a menu of optional additions that allow the operator to configure the receiver for specific custom applications or control it via the internet.
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SR2200 $1600.00
The SR2200 is a black box wide band receiver intended for commercial / government applications. The frequency range is 25 MHz to 3 GHz. The receiver has no front panel, it is controlled by connection to a computer via an RS232 serial and USB rear panel connector
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