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WE Sell AOR Receivers and Accessories
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SR2000 $ 2200.00
AOR puts the power of FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) algorithms to work in tandem with a powerful receiver covering 25 MHz ~ 3 GHz continuous. The result is a compact color spectrum display monitor thatís ultra-sensitive, incredibly fast, yet easy to use. The SR2000 is perfect for base, mobile or field use and can also be used in combination with a personal computer.
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ARD25 $750.00
TIt's true! Now you can receive standard (unencrypted) APCO Project 25 digital signals using an ordinary analog receiver that has a 10.7 MHz IF output. The ARD25 processes the 10.7 MHz signal, converts the digital transmission and sends it to the internal speaker, or your station speaker.
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SDU5600 $2100.00
Enhance your monitoring with visual spectrum and waterfall displays of activity up to +/-5MHz from the centre frequency, updated in real time up to six times per second. A range of receivers are supported including the AR-ONE, AR5000, AR3000A, ICOM R8500 and many others. An RS232 port is also provided for PC control.
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ARD9000MK2 $540.00
With an ARD9000MK2, it's easy to convert existing HF analog transceivers to work digital voice with NO transceiver modifications. The ARD9000MK2 automatically detects a digital signal and decodes it, so you also maintain full analog capabilities. Whether a contact comes in as digital or analog, the ARD9000MK2 can handle it.
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ARD9800 MK2 $775.00
The ARD9800 is a modem unit that connects to the mic input of any transceiver. The user simply wires a connector for his particular transceiver, connects the speaker output of his transceiver to the modem and then connects the modem to a 12 VDC power source.
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TV5000A $516.00
The TV5000A NTSC TV converter adds the ability to receive broadcast television signals (NTSC) and allow monitoring video feeds from a variety of sources including public safety agencies, aircraft, Amateur Radio FSTV, news media video and more when used with AOR AR5000A series of communications receiver.
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TVA-1 $453.00
TVA-1 EXTERNAL NTSC TV CONVERTER Compact size (3-3/4 (W) x 1-1/4 (H) x 2-3/4 (D), projections excluded) and light weight (approximately 4.2 oz) 10.7 MHz IF input from receiver, Line output and video output. Simple operation.
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