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Security Auditing

All security precautions should be thoroughly tested at regular intervals. DWH Surveillance Solutions will test your network defenses using a variety of tools to assess the resistance your infrastructure against common attack techniques.

We will generate a Vulnerability Report based on findings of our test procedure.

Consider the Following

Computer attacks occur every day.

Every system connected to the Internet is scanned several times a day by potential attackers.

A Packet Flood Attack can bring down an ecommerce site.

Social and Corporate infrastructures are electronically managed.

Credit Cards Numbers, Medical, and other critical information is stored on networked computers

The technologies upon which these networks and protocols are based are inherently insecure.

Who would represent a threat?

Disgruntled Employees: The most common of all threats to computing infrastructure.

Contractors: Often looking for inside information.

Professional Hackers: People who either sell secrets or get paid to attack a system.

Terrorists: Very large corporations are often the target of terrorist activities.

The Competition: Looking to gain an advantage or to sabotage another company.

Ask yourself:

What is it you have to protect?

Who would want to steal it?

Who would want to damage it?

To what lengths would they go?

To what lengths will you go to protect it?

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