SR2200 - professional "black box" communications receiver
Compact high performance "black box" receiver for professional applications under computer control (USB / RS232) 25MHz - 3 GHz


The SR2200 is a black box wide band receiver intended for commercial / government applications. The frequency range is 25 MHz to 3 GHz. The receiver has no front panel, it is controlled by connection to a computer via an RS232 serial and USB rear panel connector.

At the rear of the unit, there is a BNC connector for the antenna, USB and serial control ports, 10.7 MHz I.F. OUT (to connect for example the SDU5600 Spectrum analyzer), external speaker output, headphones output, power input and a ACC data output interface (discriminator & sound output).
On the front of the unit, there is a connector labelled gDisplayh. This connector can be used for testing the SR2200 without the need of a PC, and as an extension for future developments.

The SR2200 black box receiver has many advantages over conventional receivers...
  • Small size and low weight
  • High sensitivity
  • High dynamic range
  • The SR2200 (PC) front-panel functions are more flexible and powerful than those of traditional radio. There simply is not enough physical space on a fixed front panel of a traditional receiver for the multitude of settings and options which are available on the SR2200 black box receiver.
  • Mobile applications: PC-controlled receivers are often used in mobile and portable applications. Connected to a laptop computer, they represent an excellent alternative to conventional spectrum analyzers or other dedicated monitoring equipment.
  • The processing power of a PC can be used to process received radio signals through third-party software.
  • See what is going on the bands with a powerful spectrum scope.

Configuration: Triple conversion superheterodyne
Frequency coverage: 25MHz - 3GHz (No gap)
Reception modes: AM / NFM / WFM / SFM
Band Sensitivity IP3 (dBm) S/N (dB)
25M-225MHz NFM: 0.35uV
(12dB SINAD)
1 40
AM: 0.6uV
(10dB S/N)
NFM: 2.0uV
(12dB SINAD)
225M-1.7GHz NFM: 0.35uV
(12dB SINAD)
1 35
AM: 0.8uV
(10dB S/N)
NFM: 2.0uV
(12dB SINAD)
1.7GHz . 2.7GHz NFM: 0.6uV
(12dB SINAD)
1 32
2.7GHz . 3.0GHz NFM: 1.5uV
(12dB SINAD)
1 30
IF frequencies:
1st IF       255.3MHz 744.3MHz
2nd IF       10.7MHz
3rd IF       455kHz
Tuning steps: 100 Hz to 100 kHz (10 Hz incremental)
NFM       +/-10kHz  60dB
AM/SFM       +/-6kHz  60dB
WFM       +/-180kHz  60dB
Spurious Sensitivity: 60dB >
Adjacent Selectivity: 55dB >
Dynamic Range: 90dB >
Unwanted Spurious Emissions: < -57dBm
3rd IP: +1.0 dBm
Frequency stability: +/-1ppm(0 - 50digC)
Audio output: 2W (8 Ohm) max.@ 10% distortion
(no internal speaker!)
Power requirements: 12 - 16V DC, 0.5 A with 1W audio output
Aerial connection: 50 Ohm BNC
IF output: 10.7MHz
Control interface: RS-232C / USB , 19200bps
Operation temperature: 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
Dimensions: 8(W) x 1.2(H) x 9(D) inches (approx.)
Weight: 4 lbs.
Nominal filter bandwidths: 6kHz, 15kHz, 300kHz.
Memory channels: 1000 (10 banks)
Search banks: 40
Scan/Search Rate: 25 steps per second.
Pass frequencies: 2000
Priority channels: 1

Specification & price subject to change without notice due to continuous development of the receiver. E & OE.

Control software
A free "simple" Windows control package is included for the SR2200 which will enable control at 19200 and 38400 bps via an RS232 port. The file is in ZIP format, simple extract it for use, no installation is necessary.

The software is supplied "as is" and without warranty, (c) AOR Japan 2006.

Download "SR2200 Instruction Manual"
SR2200 Instruction Manual