NEW AR8200 MarkIII U
Now you can own the world-class AR8200 Mark III portable receiver with unparalleled frequency coverage from 500 KHz to 3 GHz. An even better Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator for solid frequency stability. Improved RF circuits combine greater sensitivity, resistance to intermod products and enhanced Signal to Noise ratios. The Mark III features better audio frequency response and includes NiMH AA cells that can be charged while operating the receiver.
When you're ready for the best, you're ready for AOR.

AR8200 MarkIII B
Frequency Range: 500 KHz - 3 GHz Cellular unblocked
Receive Modes: WFM, NFM, SFM, WAM, AM, NAM, USB, LSB, CW
500KHz ~ 1.9MHz
AM: 3.50 uV (10dB S/N)
1.9MHz ~ 30MHz
AM: 2.50 uV (10dB S/N)
30MHz ~ 470MHz
AM: 1.50 uV (10dB S/N)
NFM: 0.85 uV (12dB SINAD)
WFM: 1.50 uV (12dB SINAD)
470MHz ~ 1,040MHz
NFM: 0.90 uV (12dB SINAD)
1,040MHz ~ 2,040MHz
NFM: 9.00 uV (12dB SINAD)
2,040MHz ~ 3,000MHz
NFM: 25.00 uV (12dB SINAD)
SSB/NAM3kHz (-6dB)9kHz (-40dB)
AM/SFM9kHz (-6dB)20kHz (-40dB)
WAM/NFM12kHz (-6dB)25kHz (-40dB)
WFM150kHz (-3dB)380kHz (-20dB)
Current Drain: 190 mA at rated output (120 mW audio output)
Dimensions: 61(W) x 143(H) x 39(D) mm Projections excluded
Weight: Approx. 340g / Approx. 12oz
Specification & price subject to change without notice due to continuous development of the receiver. E & OE.

Main Features
  • New TCXO for greater stability - performance not found in most desktop units!
  • Covers 500 KHz ~ 3 GHz - world's first handheld with this range! (Cellular unblocked)
  • Ni-MH batteries included (1500mAH)
  • 1,000 memory channels (20 banks x 50 channels)
  • 40 search banks
  • 2 VFOs
  • Alphanumeric channel and bank labels
  • Computer control and programming. (requires optional connection cable)
  • Download free control software from AOR web site!
  • "All Mode" reception includes "super narrow" FM plus wide and narrow AM in addition to USB, LSB, CW and standard AM and FM modes
  • True carrier reinsertion in USB and LSB modes. Includes 3 KHz SSB filter!
  • Detachable MW antenna with negative feedback
  • Optional internal slot cards expand the Mark III's capabilities. Choose from Memory Expansion (up to 4,000 memories), CTCSS Squelch & Search, Tone Eliminator, and Record Audio (saves up to 20 seconds of audio)
  • Tuning steps programmable in multiples of 50 Hz in all modes
  • 8.33 KHz airband step is correctly supported
  • Noise limiter and attenuator
  • Band activity "scope" display with "save trace" capability
  • Four-way side panel rocker switch allows one-hand operation
  • Large, backlit, multifunction display and illuminated keypad
  • Battery Save function with Low Battery indicator
  • Operates on 12 VDC external power
  • BNC antenna connector
  • Wide choice of accessories
Optional accessories
Slot cards:
Five slot cards are available, only one may be fitted at a time.
VI8200Voice inverter (analogue) in 157 steps
CT8200CTCSS squelch & search
TE8200Tone eliminator in 256 steps
RU8200Chip based recording and playback, 20 seconds approx.
EM8200External extended memory, backup 4000 memories, 160 search banks (can hold as much data as 4 x AR8200)
There leads are available for use with the option socket.
CR8200Tape recording lead
CO8200Data clone lead
CC8200Computer control lead with level shift (available with imperial (PC98) & metric (DOS V) screws) and supplied with RS232 protocol listing in PDF format
There are many suitable aerials available on the market, these include.
DA900VHF/UHF flexible whip 245mm in length.
TW500VHF/UHF telescopic which aerial.
Comprises of six sections, extends to 625mm in length.
MA500VHF/UHF whip aerial on magnetic base with 4m of coaxial cable.
Base is 85mm in diameter, total height is 720mm.
Coverage is 25 to 1300MHz.
DA300016 element discone aerial with 15 of coax. Coverage 30MHz to 2GHz.
SA7000Passive twin elements wide band aerial with 15m of coax.
Coverage is 30kHz to 2GHz.
LA320Desktop loop aerial 1.6MHz to 15MHz.
Optional elements available for LW & MW.
Supplied with BNC iead.
ABF125VHF airband filter for increased adjacent channel selectivity.